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Are you a proud owner of a Tesla? Congratulations! One of the things I learned about owning a Tesla (way before I even ordered mine), was the ability to name the vehicle. In fact, Tesla owners take their names quite seriously, and they get very creative with them, coming up with some wicked names! After all, your Tesla is not just a car; it’s a state-of-the-art piece of technology that deserves a special name that not only reflects your personality but that of the car. To help you in this exciting naming endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of names to consider for your new Tesla. Before we get to the names, first, let’s discuss how to name your Tesla.

How to Change the Name of Your Tesla

On the mobile app

The easiest way is to open your Tesla mobile app.  On the main page, you will see your vehicle and at the top left of the screen, you will see the currently assigned name.  Click on the name and you will be presented with a window where you can enter your new name.  Hit OK and you’re done.  Easy as that – Your new wicked Tesla name has been locked in. (Of course, you can change it anytime you want).

On the car menu

The in-car menu is the other way to make the change.  Click on the Car icon/symbol (bottom-left) to enter the car’s main menu.   Navigate to the Software section.  Just under the picture of your car, you’ll find the currently assigned name.  Click on the name and you will be presented with a window where you can enter your new name.  Hit OK and you’re done.

Easter Eggs

Tesla’s have many hidden features and funny Easter eggs that demonstrate the quirky origin and spirit of the company.

If you change your vehicle name to “Patsy”, “Rabbit of Caerbannog”, “Mr. Creosote”, “Unladen Swallow” or “Biggus Dickus”, you will be presented with a surprise animation and sound effect, plus you will unlock Monte Python video section in the Theater. 

For the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans out there, try changing the name to “42” and see what happens next. 

These are just a couple of the funny things to brighten up the mood in your new Tesla.

Tesla Names

If thinking about names has stumped you and some inspiration or suggestions are needed, we’ve compiled a few lists, based on color to make it easier for you. Don’t forget, you can change the name of your Tesla as many times as you wish, so if you are undecided, you can always choose one and swap it to see which will stick.

Names for your White Tesla

Names for White or Silver Teslas:

The most popular color of Teslas on the road is either white or silver. On top of the fact these are also the most popular colors globally, for many years, white was the free paint option for Teslas. This led to a large amount of this color being sold. Recently, Tesla has offered their Silver color as the free paint option. Free or not, you can’t deny that both white and silver are beautiful colors for Teslas. Here are some names to consider if you’ve ordered one of these colors for your Tesla.

  1. Lightning Bolt
  2. Electra Dream
  3. Spark Whirlwind
  4. Pulse Energy
  5. Nova Aura
  6. Radiant Silver
  7. Stellar Reflection
  8. Luminous Spirit
  9. Solstice Serene
  10. Zenith Pearl
  11. Ivory Whisper
  12. Arctic Frost
  13. Opal Glow
  14. Frosty Breeze
  15. Moonlight Mist
  16. Pearl Essence
  17. Crystal Shimmer
  18. Silver Bullet
  19. Alabaster Grace
  20. Platinum Sky
  21. Misty Morning
  22. Diamond Shine
  23. Glacier Frost
  24. Ivory Seraph
  25. Snowflake Drift
  26. Serene Aura
  27. Zephyr Whisper
  28. Arctic Dusk
  29. Icy Reflection
  30. Pearl Mist
Names for your Tesla

Names for Black Teslas:

The color black has long been a popular choice for new car buyers, comprising over 22% of cars sold in the United States, second only to white according to a recent study. Although being one of the more difficult colors to keep clean, it is hard to beat a shiny, sleek black car. Do you have a beautiful black Tesla? Here are some names for your Tesla:

  1. Thunder Shadow
  2. Eclipse Midnight
  3. Orion Obsidian
  4. Aurora Noir
  5. Quantum Abyss
  6. Nimbus Storm
  7. Vortex Tempest
  8. Stratos Panther
  9. Elysium Twilight
  10. Helios Ember
  11. Shadow Veil
  12. Midnight Serenade
  13. Obsidian Knight
  14. Raven Black
  15. Jet Eclipse
  16. Carbon Fury
  17. Twilight Horizon
  18. Stealth Phantom
  19. Panther King
  20. Noir Enigma
  21. Ember Glow
  22. Graphite Shadow
  23. Obsidian Spark
  24. Abyssal Void
  25. Dark Knight
  26. Sinister Storm
  27. Tempest Thunder
  28. Phantom Shadow
  29. Storm Chaser
  30. Midnight Storm
Names for your Tesla - Lifeofv.com

Names for Blue Teslas:

The color blue is often associated with qualities like trust, stability, and reliability. It has been said to also convey a sense of calmness. However the color is perceived, it’s hard to argue that a clean shiny blue vehicle looks classy, especially blue Teslas! If you’ve chosen a beautiful blue Tesla, here are some names you can consider:

  1. Hyperion Velocity
  2. Phoenix Serenity
  3. Zephyr Sky
  4. Sirius Astral
  5. Zen Odyssey
  6. Titan Bluebird
  7. Azure Breeze
  8. Cobalt Wave
  9. Sapphire Dream
  10. Marine Horizon
  11. Celestial Sapphire
  12. Electric Sky
  13. Astral Reflection
  14. Zenith Tide
  15. Odyssey Journey
  16. Titan’s Flight
  17. Aquamarine Serenity
  18. Skyward Soar
  19. Turquoise Tranquility
  20. Sapphire Starlight
  21. Indigo Twilight
  22. Celeste Mist
  23. Electric Current
  24. Navy Nightfall
  25. Serene Seabreeze
  26. Cerulean Dreamer
  27. Royal Blue
  28. Denim Voyage
  29. Pacific Wave
  30. Ocean Whisper
Names for your Tesla

Names for Red Teslas:

When someone is asked to choose a color that exemplifies sportiness, most will say red. Vibrant and eye-catching, red cars tend to attract more attention on the road. Red Teslas are no exception, often standing out among other vehicles, especially in traffic. Being the most expensive paint color for Teslas, anyone who orders a red one knows it’s the signature color for the company. Here are some names to consider if you’re lucky enough to have a red Tesla.

  1. Flux Fireball
  2. Raptor Blaze
  3. Blitz Inferno
  4. Ignite Crimson
  5. Aria Ruby
  6. Zenith Flame
  7. Solaris Sunset
  8. Eon Thunderbird
  9. Apex Blaze
  10. Scarlet Fury
  11. Crimson Heat
  12. Fiery Raptor
  13. Blaze Inferno
  14. Ignite Spark
  15. Aria Passion
  16. Ruby Red
  17. Flameburst
  18. Solar Flare
  19. Thunderbird Fury
  20. Apex Inferno
  21. Garnet Blaze
  22. Cherry Bomb
  23. Poppy Fire
  24. Rosso Inferno
  25. Magenta Flame
  26. Red Rocket
  27. Vermilion Spark
  28. Flamestreak
  29. Lava Fury
  30. Crimson Sunset
Names for your Tesla

Names for Other Custom Color Wrapped Teslas:

If the standard Tesla colors just don’t match your personality, custom wraps allow for virtually limitless color and finish options. Whether it’s a pearlized yellow, multi-colored prism, or matte orange, choosing to wrap the vehicle allows for your creativity to shine. Here are some names for your wrapped Tesla.

  1. Electrum Gold Rush
  2. Nebula Purple Haze
  3. Celestial Silver Moon
  4. Zen Green Leaf
  5. Astral Teal Essence
  6. Lux Golden Glow
  7. Electra Pink Sparkle
  8. Fusion Orange Burst
  9. Zenith Beige Sands
  10. Zen Matte Black
  11. Amber Glow
  12. Topaz Spark
  13. Citrine Shine
  14. Lemon Zest
  15. Lime Burst
  16. Emerald Dream
  17. Sage Serenity
  18. Moss Whisper
  19. Pistachio Essence
  20. Chartreuse Spark
  21. Peridot Glow
  22. Mint Breeze
  23. Olive Branch
  24. Forest Whispers
  25. Teak Serenade
  26. Coral Sunset
  27. Salmon Burst
  28. Fuchsia Dream
  29. Bubblegum Bliss
  30. Blush Blossom

We hope this categorized list, including some two-word names, sparks your creativity and helps you find the perfect name for your new Tesla. Remember, your car is an extension of your personality, so choose a name that resonates with you. Whether you opt for something futuristic, celestial, or even a clever combination of words, your Tesla will surely stand out on the roads with its unique name. Happy naming and happy driving!

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