Ulta – Double Duty – Wet & Dry Pressed Powder Foundation review

During my last trip to Ulta, I purchased the Ulta Beauty brand Double Duty – Wet & Dry Pressed Powder Foundation as an everyday use powder. I have used it for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d provide a review of this product.

I bought the Tan/Warm color and it is a spot on match for me. I have more of an olive/Mediterranean skin coloring. I suspect that like many of my foundations, I tend to need a slightly lighter shade in the middle of our winters when my skin lightens slightly. Conversely, I need a slightly darker color in the middle of our summers, because I tend to tan very quickly. I will need to see how this shade performs during these other times. This is a Wet & Dry product, which means that it can be used as a standard pressed powder, but also with a wet sponge, creating a cream that dries to a powder finish.

The container is round with a small mirror built in. The powder puck flips up to the white sponge applicator. The mirror is really small in my opinion and not overly useful. For dry application, I used my kabuki powder brush. For wet application, Ie used the supplied applicator sponge.

Dry application:

I find the powder is silky and goes on relatively well but lighter coverage. On a couple of the trouble spots I have, I allowed it to set slightly and applied a second layer. The color was good and coverage was adequate. My goal was only to have a light coverage when dry, so it was good.

I have a bit more of an oily T-zone, and although I started off with a matte finish after initial application, I did get a bit glossy a few hours later. I also had some slight cakiness under the eyes. I moisturize with under eye serum every day but don’t normally use primer for everyday application. I decided to experiment and used my favorite, the Maybelline Baby skin primer. I did notice a slight improvement in the cakiness and it was relatively smooth under the eyes.

Wet Application:

I wet the white applicator sponge and the powder creamed up nicely. It applied smoothly and offered adequate coverage, slightly more than when dry. I suspect you can layer it for even more full coverage, but I haven’t needed to do that, I have only used it for light applications (No fancy events in the last couple of weeks – LOL).

I used my skin primer before the wet application and didn’t see any cakiness and it lasted a good while before I re-powdered several hours later.

Overall, I am quite happy with the product. The coverage is adequate and although I did have some small issues at the beginning, I did make it work for me. The price point was good at $14. I received a free Ulta cosmetics promo bag, filled with Ulta Beauty products (which I loved), so that made it even better of a deal.

I give this powder a 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5).

If you’ve tried this powder, I’d love to hear from you to hear what you thought. Please comment below!


This is an unbiased review.

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