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Lip Gloss – Love. ‘Nuff said.

Although it’s always important to give your lips a swipe of lipstick color, there’s just something about that fresh lipgloss look. I’m a big fan of lipgloss and have several types and brands, both tinted and clear.

Here is my review of the Ulta Beauty Juice Infused Lip Oil. The one I tried is the coconut scent/flavor.

The container is a clear tube with a silver twist off cap. As customary, the white applicator wand is attached to the cap. The contents are an amber/pale yellow and look exactly what you’d imagine oil to look like. It also comes in a few other scent options, each of which has a different colored oil, but from what I understand, they all apply clear.

When you untwist the cap, there is a hydraulic pressure that pops the wand up and maybe I’m weird (correction – remove maybe), but I find this oddly satisfying. Some of my other lipgloss tubes have a similar behavior, but this one is quite pronounced.

The scent of the oil is not strong until you start applying to your lips, where it is very pronounced and I love it. There is a fruity, coconut essence that reminds me of a beach or tropical place.

As expected, the oil is pretty shiny after applying and doesn’t add any tint to the lips. The oil is thick and a bit sticky when you first apply it but this doesn’t necessarily bother me. I’m more a dab and do the lip spread type anyways. After it warms up a bit, it becomes a bit less sticky and viscous. It doesn’t necessarily have long lasting power, but it is on-par with some of the other products I’ve used.

If I would have any criticism, I would say that it is not overly moisturizing. It’s not that it dries out your lips, but for some reason, I feel that the moisturizing properties could be better. Perhaps it’s the fragrance or some other additive that is counter-acting the oil, but I’m just hypothesizing.

Nevertheless, I am still a big fan of this lip oil. I have taken it with me in my purse or pocket since I got it and I use it most days. I still have about 2/3 left, so I’m figuring the tube will last me a few months. Overall, I would recommend it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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