The skinny on Skinny Jeans

Some cringe at the thought of wearing them and others gladly pull out the baby powder to get into skinny jeans. One thing is for sure, jeans are getting skinnier and skinnier. This is not a surprise. Skinny jeans have been around for many years and have been used for both fashion and utility purposes.

As far back as 500 years ago, ‘skinny pants’ were common for wealthy and public figures. Throughout the following generations, there have been phases of wide bottomed pants coming into fashion (queue 60’s rock and 70’s disco), but there always seems to be a return to the skinny pant.

The last few years, we have seen another resurgence of skinnies and with this latest trend, there are so many selections and styles to choose from. The materials have gotten much better than in the past and almost all of them have some sort of stretch to them – Thank you, miracle that is Lycra. The hugging fabric can really accentuate sexy curves and give you that “Va-Va-Voom” look. Also, with the right pair of shoes, they can give the impression of long lean legs. When it comes to buying skinny jeans, here are some things to consider.

Get the right size.
Just by their very nature, skinny jeans live up to their name. They are a slim fitting garment. Although garment manufacturers try to adjust their sizes so their size 6 bootcut fits a size 6 in a skinny, this is not always true between brands. Get into that fitting room and try them on.

Get the right length.
Optimally, skinny jeans should be smooth fitting, without a break in the lines. A break is a visual interruption. This happens when there is a bunching of material, typically below the knee. This is also true if the bottom flares out at the shoe. Both of these are caused by an incorrect (too long) length or a size that is too large. If this is happening, but the waist is fitting, then the style is not a good fit for you. Skinnies look best when it ends at or just above the ankle.

Image: Paige/Nordstrom

Get the right colors.
Blue denim is always fabulous, but don’t be afraid to change things up and go for a colored. Pastels and white are my current loves.

Image: Joe’s Jeans/Macy’s

Get Distressed.
It wasn’t long ago that a rip in your jeans meant time to buy new ones. Now, those rips cost a premium! There are many ways they are described; distressed, destructed, ripped, cut-out, repaired, torn, etc. but basically they all mean they’ve damaged a good pair of jeans to make it look fabulous. Cut-out knees are especially sexy.

Image: Joe’s Jeans/Nordstrom

Get the right shoes
Heels or flats, it doesn’t matter, but it’s best if they are simple. A standard pointy-toed pump, a simple flat or even a runner, sticking with less adornment if possible. A distressed jean with a clean looking shoe is sexy all around.

Image: Earl Jeans/Macy’s

Get the right attitude
This is the most important. As with everything in life, you must wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you. Don’t get frustrated too quickly when shopping. You’ll find the right size, color and fit and then wear it with pride. You ARE fabulous and the world needs to know it!

All in all, I really love skinny jeans. They add an edge and style that is hard to beat, in fact, when done right, they are downright sexy!!

Let me know what you think and which brands and styles you love best!

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