The Royal Wedding – A Morning to enjoy

We have been following the lead up to this weekend’s Royal Wedding for quite some time. Both G and I remember, as young children, waking up early to watch Diana and Charles tie the knot. We then did the same for Andrew and Sarah, then William and Kate so there was no question that we were getting up early to watch Harry and Meghan. We set our alarm for 5:00am.

We woke up shortly after the alarm sounded, pulled out our fancy hats and got things prepared for the morning festivities.

In true English style, we warmed up cranberry-orange scones, custard tarts, other delicious pastries and steeped some very tasty Orange Pekoe tea. We sat together, enjoyed our treats and admired the dresses and fascinators that adorned the guests who arrived one by one.

We are not Royal fanatics, but there is something about this all that pulls us in. I thought about it for a long while and it came to me. As children, we have this vision of what the world is and what it could be. It is filled with magical wizards, powerful sorcerers, fire-breathing dragons, handsome princes and beautiful princesses. It is filled with opportunity, wonderment, and innocence. The difficulties and challenges of life have a tendency of slowly striping that innocence away from us. The Royal wedding was a bit of escapism that allowed us to forget about the ugliness of the world and return to that time of childhood fantasy.

As Meghan Markle appeared in her absolutely gorgeous wedding dress, it was clear that indeed little girls can become beautiful princesses. She was stunning in all her beauty and simplicity.

The kids woke up to watch the wedding ceremony and they were happy they did. The ceremony was beautiful and we loved every minute. We had our fill of breakfast and enjoyed our last cup of tea as the horse-drawn carriage carried the happy Dutch and Dutchess of Sussex couple through Windsor. We cleaned up and started discussing the activities of the day ahead and although the errands of the day were calling, it was so very special to have taken a break from the normal routine, if only for a couple of hours.

I’m certain that by the time that Meghan and Harry’s kids marry, our kids will also wake up early to watch it and they too will find a moment of escapism for themselves.


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