A lot to love in Norman Love chocolates

One of my favorite places in the world to visit, is South West Florida, specifically, Naples, Florida. The palm trees, amazing weather, white sandy beaches and an amazing upscale vibe. There is one more thing that is a must for me whenever we visit Naples.

Norman Love chocolates.

If you’ve never tried these amazing gastronomic morsels of heaven, you truly haven’t lived.

They have a few stores in the Fort Myers and Naples area, but their chocolates can be found in other boutique shops in Florida.

These are not your typical mass produced chocolates. This is truly artistry in food. It’s almost as though they are so beautiful, you feel bad eating them, but when you do, it’s amazing experience.

Even the packaging is spectacular. You can tell that there is something special inside that beautiful green, high quality box. Here is my slow, package opening ceremony…LOL

As you can imagine, these things are not cheap. A 10-chocolate box will set you back $24, but it is an oppulant treat that’s worth the splurge.

Amongst their many other great products, another most notable item is their chocolate heel.

Yes… That’s a chocolate! At $35 per shoe, it’s as expensive as a decent pair of leather pumps, but it’s hard to deny that this is one sexy chocolate treat.

Due to the high quality of ingredients, their chocolates only have a 3 week shelf life. Not really a problem, that just gives me an excuse to eat them all quickly.

Now, if you excuse me, the last couple of chocolates in that beautiful green box (a Passion Panna-Cotta and a Dark Chocolate Cream Truffle) are calling my name. 😊



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