Happy Mother’s Day

First off, I’d like to wish my Mom and all the great moms out there, a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Being a mom is serious business. Being there for your children, through the hard times and enjoying them during the great times. Checking their diapers and feeding them at all hours of the night. Spending long nights when they are sick. Kissing every scratch to spread some of that healing mommy magic. Providing those important hugs when they are sad and being sure to tell them that everything will be OK while doing your best to make sure it is. Staying up waiting for them when they go out with friends, but holding back on the reprimand when they get home a bit too late. And doing all this all without being too overbearing and in the most loving way…it truly is a tough balance.

There is so much more that can’t even be listed, because it’s part of the secret list of things moms do.

Being a mom is definitely serious business, but can be the most gratifying thing in life.

So – Be sure to thank all the moms out there today (and on all the other days of the year too!)

Love Hard and Hug Often!

V ❤️❤️

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