Flower Power – Florals are in bloom

This year, we are seeing a resurgence of a very pretty trend. Flowers are back in bloom. I am so happy with this. There’s nothing quite so pretty and delicate than a flower. If you are shopping for anything from shoes to clothes to handbags, you are likely to see this trend playing out in all sorts of patterns and styles.

To make sure you are looking your best, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying clothing sporting this trend.

So Random!
Stick with random, not overly dense patterns. Repeating floral patterns can look cheap. A combination of a random pattern and random size of flowers looks best.

Stay detailed.
Typically look for patterns that include detailed floral patterns. You wouldn’t want dull-looking flowers in a vase in your home, so you should also keep them away from your clothes. The only exception is for sheer fabrics, where you want a subdued pattern to keep it uber feminine (see next point).

Sheer Happiness.
Nothing says delicate femininity like sheer fabrics. Layering a floral sheer top over a white or cream camisole is a beautiful look. Highly recommended.

Sew it.
This one is always a contentious discussion. There are some people who really dislike anything embroidered, but it can really add class and make your outfit look great. It is important to look for even less dense patterns when choosing anything that includes embroidered flowers. Too much of it can look overpowering.

I am excited about this new trend and I am looking forward to seeing how people are wearing it this year.

Please let me know if you are into the floral patterns or not. Tweet your outfit pics with the hashtag #LifeofVFashion. We’d love to see your gorgeous pics!


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