Celebrating National Pizza day

pizza oven

I don’t anticipate needing to choose my final meal anytime soon, but if I did, hands down, it would be pizza.

It was National Pizza day this past Friday, so after spending a wonderfully amazing time with G at a paint nite event, we thought it was fitting to hit a small Italian wood burning pizza place down the street.

We love Italian-style wood-fired pizza. The smokey taste, thin crust and fresh toppings makes it just right.

We walked into the restaurant and it was busy, but luckily there were a couple of tables available. It was cold and snowy outside, so it was nice to feel the warmth coming from the open kitchen area. We sat down and tried to warm up. There was the smell of a wood burning oven, but by no means was it overwhelming. Just enough to create a comforting and quaint feeling. We looked over the menu, and we both opted for the typical varieties of pizzas that we seem to always order. G got the Margherita – the simple, yet delicious combination of Fior di latte, sauce/tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil. I opted for the Diavola, named after the Devil. True to it’s name, it is topped with spicy italian salami, hot peppers and mozzarella.

We both ordered a Peroni beer. We are not huge beer drinkers, but for some reason, it just felt right. Being a bit of a lightweight, I didn’t finish the beer (shhh!).

The pizzas came out quickly and before we knew it, there was the battle of the heavens taking place on our table. The Diavola was mean. She was very spicy and fiery. The Margherita was angelic and pure. This heavenly battle didn’t last long. We were hungry and it showed. Those pizzas were not only picture perfect, but were an ode to our taste buds.

The plates were cleared. We allowed sometime to digest over a conversation or two and somehow, there was room for dessert, so we looked over the options.

Nutella Pizza
Nutella Pizza
Nutella Pizza
Nutella Pizza
Nutella Pizza
Nutella Pizza

OK, OK, our eyes kept going to the Nutella Pizza! C’mon it was National Pizza Day! Our decision was made and we ordered it ‘to go’. Our guilt would have been too much if we enjoyed this without the kids. Once it was ready, we paid and rushed home with our prized treat.

We arrived home, and the kids were over-the-top happy seeing the dessert pizza. It was already cut into 4 slices, which was amazingly convenient. We each took our slice and enjoyed it – immensely.

Nutella Pizza

We are really looking forward to next year’s National Pizza day, but let’s face it – we have pizza night at least once a week, and spending it together makes it amazing each time.


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