Allowing Ourselves an Amazing Day at the Spa


Every once in a while, things get a bit crazy in life and there is an overwhelming feeling that takes over. When this occurs, keeping things together becomes a difficult task and even the smallest things seem to get in our way. We are all susceptible to this and sometimes it may feel like the cosmos is piling things on top of already difficult situations, seemingly getting evil enjoyment out of it.  Of course, this is not the case.  Our ability to deal with issues diminishes when we are bombarded by important tasks and sometimes, even the smallest of things can start a spiral of frustration.

I have learned that it’s healthy to stop, take a breather and reset every once in a while.  This means, doing something for yourself – giving yourself a gift or treating yourself to something special.  I know that extra time and money are sometimes tough to come by, but I see this as an investment.  I know taking care of myself gives me the strength to tackle the everyday things in life but it also makes me a better parent, better worker and a better person in general, but I will the first to say that I don’t always follow this advice.

While going through some emails several weeks ago, one had come from a local spa we love, advertising deals for some of their services.  That particular day was quite difficult at work.  I had just come out of a difficult meeting with some very special type personalities.  It was at the tail end of several frustrating weeks of frustration and the email couldn’t have come at a better time. As I read the description of one of the packages being promoted, it didn’t take long for me to be convinced.

Here is how they described it:

Body Scrub and Aromatic Polish
Start your spa treatment with an invigorating reflexology massage and stretch. Using Dead Sea Salts, blended with aromatic pure Essential Oils, your skin is gently exfoliated and polished to a silky smooth texture.  A relaxing and enriching moisturizing application using rich body cream will make you feel luxurious.

Vichy shower body treatment
Your stress will be washed away while your body is immersed in stimulating Vichy water jets. Feel your muscle tension melt away with this signature treatment.

60 minute massage
Your choice of any of our signature massages, administered by our experienced registered massage therapists will bring a blissfully relaxing full body experience.

I thought about it for approximately 60 seconds before I called the spa to book.


First of all, the deal, priced at $100 was really, really good. Secondly, I really, really needed it, so it was meant to be.  I booked it for 2 people, G and me! ❤

Our appointment was at 9:00am and we arrived at the spa 15 minutes early. They led us towards the change rooms as they asked if we wanted a coffee or other drink. We both asked for cappuccinos. Our luxurious robes and slippers were already waiting for us in the change rooms. I already felt special.

We were led to the lounge where under slightly dim lighting, a couple of other ladies were sitting on comfy couches reading magazines. We sat down on a brown leather couch and our coffees, adorned with beautiful frothy art, were brought to us.

We were called into our private rooms shortly after we took our last sips of coffee and we truly entered spa heaven. The treatments were administered with care and the girls were more than amazing!  Jo, the girl taking care of me was so nice, explaining every step of the process plus we chatted about all sorts of other fun things.  They sure knew how to make someone feel great, she guessed my age at 15 years less than the actual number.  That was cause for celebration I think – LOL.  The body scrub was exceptionally outstanding, but that is not to take anything away from any of the other services.  Everything was as we imagined and more.


The time seemed to fly by as we were pampered, literally from head to toe. It continued for over 3 hours after which we were led back to the lounge where they brought us a tasty detoxifying green tea and cucumber water.  This was essential to replenish body fluids.  We relaxed in the lounge for another 30 mins before deciding to change back to our clothes and re-enter reality.

We were completely refreshed… Completely re-energized! I would have gladly paid double what we paid for this type of result.

I returned back to work the next day ready to take over the world. My meetings were productive and I could even tolerate the annoying ones too.  I felt so refreshed and not to mention, my skin felt so silky smooth.  It was really amazing.

It was a stark reminder that it is so very important to take a break once in a while and do something special for ourselves.  This probably should be put into our calendars as a weekly reminder – “What have you done to take care of yourself?”.  Of course, we may not have the spending power to take a spa day every week, but it could be something simpler like a couple of hours of alone time at a coffee shop or a drink out with a girlfriend at a new great restaurant you’ve heard of.   Whatever it is, it should be about treating yourself.

I am so very happy we did this and hope you can also allow yourself to take a spa day soon.

Would love to hear your thoughts or experiences!


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  1. I’m someone who takes care of evryone else but myself so i recenetly purchased a spa memebership. So once a month now I get to go to the spa and get a massage. Greatest investment ever! I totaly agree with you that is important to take a break once in a while. 😀

    • That’s amazing! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to take care of yourself as well. I have to see if those memberships exist here…that sounds fabulous! 🙂

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