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Last weekend, we were visiting out-of-town family and as we sat on their sunny deck overlooking the kids playing in the pool, we talked about what would our Dream Vacation look like. It was one of those thought-provoking questions; “If you could choose one trip, what would it be?”.  A variety of dream vacations were proposed, including Bora Bora, Hawaii and Europe.  I have always dreamed of visiting so many beautiful places and thus found it difficult to decide on just one.

The challenge was simple, choosing a single trip, but I had all these wonderful locations floating around in my mind and found myself trying to figure out how many I could fit into a single trip. Taking dozens of flights seemed like it was kind of cheating, so I needed to think of something else.  Driving to these locations is not possible, but what about a cruise I thought.

Although we are not regular Cruiseship vacationers, we’ve loved the ones we have done.  I knew there were World cruises available, but never really looked into them.  As the group continued to debate whether Hawaii or an African Safari would be a better choice, I pulled out my iPhone and asked Mr. Google about ‘World cruises’.  The results showed that there were more options than I thought, but after only clicking on a couple of the suggested links, there it was – The perfect cruise itinerary.    Within a few minutes, I could tell that this was indeed my ‘Dream trip’.

It starts in Genoa, Italy, heads west and travels right around the earth before returning back to the same port, 117 days later!  As I reviewed the itinerary and read the list of ports, I was really impressed.  You’d be hard-pressed to be able to visit all of these places in a lifetime.

I announced to the group, that I had chosen my dream vacation and although there were some initial nay-sayers, they quickly changed their opinion once they heard the list of places they could visit in a single trip.   Before long, they all agreed with me.  We all get along really well and I would actually enjoy taking this trip with them.  Unfortunately, I fear that a trip of this magnitude would be incredibly difficult to do as a couple, much less as a large group.

If you are curious about the itinerary, here it is:

1 Genoa, Italy
2 Marseille, France
3 Barcelona, Spain
4 At Sea
5 Lisbon, Portugal
6 At Sea
7 Funchal, Portugal
8 At Sea
9 At Sea
10 Mindelo, Cape Verde
11 At Sea
12 At Sea
13 At Sea
14 At Sea
15 Salvador, Brazil
16 At Sea
17 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19 At Sea
20 At Sea
21 Buenos Aires, Argentina
22 Buenos Aires, Argentina
23 Montevideo, Uruguay
24 At Sea
25 Puerto Madryn, Argentina
26 At Sea
27 At Sea
28 Ushuaia, Argentina
29 Ushuaia, Argentina
30 At Sea
31 Punta Arenas, Chile
32 At Sea
33 At Sea
34 Puerto Montt, Chile
35 At Sea
36 Valparaiso, Chile
37 Valparaiso, Chile
38 At Sea
39 At Sea
40 Arica, Chile
41 At Sea
42 Callao, Peru
43 Callao, Peru
44 At Sea
45 At Sea
46 At Sea
47 At Sea
48 Hanga Roa/Rapa Nui, Chile
49 At Sea
50 At Sea
51 Bounty Bay Passage, Pitcairn
52 At Sea
53 At Sea
54 Papeete, Tahiti
55 Papeete, Tahiti
56 At Sea
57 Rarotonga, Cook Islands
58 Aiutaki, Cook Islands
59 At Sea
60 At Sea
61 At Sea
62 At Sea
63 Auckland, New Zealand
64 Tauranga, New Zealand
65 Napier, New Zealand
66 Wellington, New Zealand
67 Cruising Milford Sound, New Zealand
68 At Sea
69 At Sea
70 Hobart/Tasmania, Australia
71 At Sea
72 Sydney, Australia
73 Wollongong – Port Kembla, Australia
74 At Sea
75 At Sea
76 Ile Des Pins, New Caledonia
77 Noumea, New Caledonia
78 At Sea
79 At Sea
80 Cairs, Australia
81 At Sea
82 Alotau, Papua New Guinea
83 Doini Island, Papua New Guinea
84 At Sea
85 At Sea
86 Darwin, Australia
87 At Sea
88 At Sea
89 Komodo, Indonesia
90 Benoa/Bali, Indonesia
91 Benoa/Bali, Indonesia
92 At Sea
93 At Sea
94 Singapore, Republic of Singapore
95 Port Kelang, Malaysia
96 At Sea
97 At Sea
98 At Sea
99 Colombo, Sri Lanka
100 At Sea
101 At Sea
102 Mumbai/Bombay, India
103 Mumbai/Bombay, India
104 At Sea
105 At Sea
106 Salalah, Oman
107 At Sea
108 At Sea
109 At Sea
110 At Sea
111 Aqaba, Jordan
112 Suez Canal (transit), Egypt
113 Suez Canal (transit), Egypt
114 At Sea
115 At Sea
116 Civitavecchia, Italy
117 Genoa, Italy

G and I are big travel buffs and love a great adventure, so visiting all these places would be amazing, but the truth is that seeing all these places will just make our bucket list grow.  The most likely outcome is that we will visit a specific port for a day or two and then want to go back at some point to spend additional time there.  Regardless, even if we were limited to only a single trip, we would be more than ecstatic to have this opportunity.

There are other cruise lines offering World cruises with a variety of itineraries and durations.  This particular cruise is offered by MSC Cruise line and it is on their MSC Magnifica ship.  I can’t really say how good the ship or cruise line is, because I’ve never cruised with them, but it was the itinerary that got me.  If anyone from MSC happens to read this, please be advised that I would most happily volunteer to attend this cruise to provide an accurate and extensive review (I’ll be waiting by the phone – LOL).

So there it is, if I have to pick a single dream trip, this cruise would be it.  I might as well dream big.  One day, I need to make this a reality, but I really need to start saving and saving hard.

Would love to hear what your Dream trip would look like.



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